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My favorite shot from Saturday’s outfit was worth a seperate post. Thanks to my extremely talented sister for taking the time to support me whenever she can. She’s got this camara thing down! I love you shorty, and I’m here, always have been and always will be!

My favorite shot from Saturday’s outfit was worth a seperate post. Thanks to my extremely talented sister for taking the time to support me whenever she can. She’s got this camara thing down! I love you shorty, and I’m here, always have been and always will be!

Song of the Day: Vampire Weekend - Step (Official Lyric Video)

Untypically quieter tones from Vampire Weekend’s new album, but I think it suits them well. I fell in love with the song after the first notes, and the lyric video in front of New York makes it even better! A good way to start into the week! Happy Monday, superstars!

I feel like boyfriend jeans + red lips will become my uniform for the days and weeks to come. I have been looking for the perfectly fitted boyfriend jeans for ages - I even remember strolling through the GAP store in New York for a pair a couple of years ago. I saw that Zara had some new pairs in store so I thought I’d give it a go, but my expections were pretty low. I have to say, I’m so so happy I bought them, as they’re the first pair that don’t make me look like I’m wearing my dad’s pants!

With loose fitted jeans, it’s all about how you dress them up - I say add a casual tshirt and a cool blazer or jacket and some red lips, and you’re good to go! I’m obsessed with my mom’s red biker jacket, and I was lucky to lend it when spending the week-end at home…now it’s back to Munich, sadly without the jacket, but I finally found the perfect white blazer, so there’s plenty of other options for the future! Stay tuned for the new outfit posts & music lists (May is a strong month when it comes to new album releases!)

Mwah! xx

Today’s Details: ZARA denim / H&M rings / CHOIES shoes / OAKWOOD leather jacket

Pictures of the whole look are coming soon! :)


Wild Belle - When It’s Over

Miss Li - My Heart goes Boom Boom Boom

James Blake - Retrograde

MS MR - Hurricane

MS MR - Fantasy

Will I Am ft. Justin Bieber - #thatpower

AWOLNATION - Kill your Heroes

San Cisco - Awkward

One Republic - Counting Stars

James Arthur - Faded

Better late than never - here is the top 10 of my favourite songs discovered and heard in April! Can’t believe another month has passed, time flies by like crazy these days!!

As I promised yesterday, here are some more pictures of the fantastic blogger event at the STYLIGHT HQ here in Munich! I really hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed the evening!

1. Welcome pictures for the awesome Bloggers!

2. Our wonderful atrium area in the office (with one of the swings!)

3. Andy Torres (StyleScrapbook) & Marianne from the Stylight Team

4. Martijn’s famous purple cocktails

5. Some of the interns & their lovely flower headbands - in the back you can see Kenza :)

6. Fanny & Marianne

7. Fanny Lyckman, Kenza & Jennie Ellen

8. Party People!

9. May with some yummy snacks (for more pictures of the event, check out her blog OHMAYGOD)

10. The bloggers with Marianna & Benny, of the the founders of Stylight

MEET THE BLOGGERS - Kenzas, Fanny Lyckman & Kayture in Munich



Remember how I told you I had something exciting coming up? Well, here we go, this is it. At least in MY universe that was pretty damn exciting weekend! As a part of the Stylight Team, I got lucky enough to meet some of my FAVOURITE bloggers, because they were in town for the whole weekend to shoot the first official Stylight TV commercial!

And these aren’t just “some” bloggers, Kenzas and Fanny Lyckman are two of the biggester bloggers from Sweden, Andy Torres (StyleScrapbook) and Carrie (wishwishwish) have thousands of followers and fans as well, and Kristina (Kayture) is guest on every major fashion week all around the world.


Knowing them only through blogposts and pictures, I had to remind myself various times that they are actual, normal people - hard enough, cause screw photoshop, these girls manage to be even more flawless in person. I was pretty starstruck to be quite honest. My favourite has always been Fanny, and when I met her, I was fangirling inside, and to make matters worse, shaking outside. Haha! She was sooo shy when I told her she’s my favourite, she probably thinks I’m some stalker freak now, but whatever!

Matching skirts (or more skorts) with Andy Torres - she was lovely about it, such a sweet person :)



That being said, I have found my new blogger-girl-crush. While it was amazing to meet all of these girls, one of them topped it all: Kristina is such a beautiful beautiful person, both inside and out. She is so funny, nice and down-to-earth, I can’t believe she’s only 19! Chatting with her was like having a conversation with a friend, sharing our experiences from Los Angeles (cause she’s recently been) and talking about outfit choices, plans to work-out more and partying in Vegas! I hope (and think) she will go very far with her natural passion & amazing personality! She and James make such a cute couple, too, and I can’t wait to see the photos of the OOTD shoot in Munich she told us about!

Okay, gotta stop fangirling now! More pictures of the party will be up tomorrow - to see some more, check out the bloggers cause they have been posting a lot about the weekend so far, and don’t forget to follow me on instagram! Toodles! xx

SONG OF THE DAY: Daft Punk ft. Pharrell WIlliams - Get Lucky

Had this song stuck in my head the whole weekend, so I thought it’s about time I blogged about it. The perfect tune for a sunny day like today. Have to squeeze in a workout before I show my cooking skills to my friends! Hopefully I’ll find the time to upload some more pictures of Friday’s Styloht blogger event. Have a lovely day, superstars!

I promised you I had some exciting news, and I won’t let you down on this one! I had an amazing night and feel extremely blessed today. Life is good :) Here is a sneak peak into tonight’s outfit and venue - the story behind it and all of the other pictures (tons, actually!) are coming soon!!

Wearing ZARA skorts / H&M sweater & boots / FOREVER21 necklace (the thicker one is actually a unique piece from a small shop here in Munich)